IT Security

As the world moves on with advances in information technology at an astonishing pace, the threat to critical data continues to rise with increasing sophistication in malicious attacks.

This section presents articles on IT Security - a subject important for both novices and the well-versed.

Children Found Coding Malicious Software: An Eye Opener?

Feb 13

Children are learning to code, and that's a wonderful phenomenon. But are they learning the rights and wrongs of coding? A report by AVG highlights that children as young as 11 are authoring malicious software.

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The Current State of Cyber Security in India

Jul 12
Cyber Security in India

In light of Anonymous hacking into and subsequently bringing down India's cyber security site for five hours recently, it begs the question: just how good is the cyber security in India?

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6 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Viruses and Malware

May 12

Did you know you cannot simply outsource your fight against viruses and malware to anti-virus software programs?

This guide will help you guard your computer from these threats.

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A Few Thoughts on Cloud Computing and Security

Sep 11

‘Cloud Computing’ has been a marketing buzzword for quite some time now and has been picking up pace in the enterprise market.

Organizations use the cloud to rapidly deploy and remove resources on demand. Resources can be of three types - services, entire platforms, or virtualized hardware.

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