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What I liked in the Windows Phone 7.5-based Nokia Lumia 800, and what I didn’t

Oct 12
Exploring Pune through Nokia City Lens, using a Lumia 800

This is a review of one of Nokia's key smartphones, the Lumia 800, with a particular focus on the Nokia City Lens app.

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Nokia Showcases Drive and Transport Apps

Sep 12
Nokia Smartphones

Nokia is banking on its free location aware services to strike deep into hostile territory in the smartphone war for dominance. Do you think their newest offering, the impressive augmented reality app called Nokia City Lens will appeal to you?

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Bharti Airtel’s Customer Care: A Story of Two Extremes

Sep 12
Mobile Phone

This post is about Bharti Airtel, India's largest telecommunications company taking action after a complaint was posted on Twitter. However, its phone-based customer care appears to be in tatters.

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Is Android the Future of Smartphones?

Dec 11

Android has had a great year in 2011, and seems set to surpass Apple in key arenas in the next few years, as BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones notes.

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Top Five iPhone 4 Apps

Jul 11

Here is a list of the best iPhone 4 apps I found, and really like.

All of these are free apps, and do not require a continuous Internet connection. 3G is expensive in some parts of the world, so these apps should be cool if you do not want to always depend on an Internet connection.

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