Five Reasons to Adopt Linux, Today!

The popular open source news site LXer recently published a detailed article on the advantages of Linux, with the aim of dispelling unfair cynicism.

Whether you are a home user or a business owner, Linux is a great choice for an operating system. I entered the Linux world pretty recently, after spending a long time with various Microsoft Windows versions. Now, there’s no looking back!

I’ve identified the top 5 reasons to consider turning to Linux:

1) Cost of operating your computer.

Microsoft Windows offers various paid license plans to run your computer, or install copies on several machines in a network. When you turn to Linux, software that runs your computers is completely free!

This is a great advantage for both home users and businesses who are seeking to cut costs.

2) The spirit of sharing.

Linux is based on sharing and caring. Linux is often the force behind social initiatives that bring computing power to less privileged children and people in war ravaged areas.

When you adopt Linux, you are automatically enrolled into community service – pure material aims take a backseat.

3) Vibrant support communities.

There are extremely active support communities that help users of various distros troubleshoot their problems. The AskUbuntu forums which I've used for my Ubuntu system is just one of countless examples. Experienced users will patiently help you run your computer flawlessly, without asking even a cent for it.

If you're new to Linux, you surely won't feel lost.

Paid support is also available from companies specializing in it, especially at the enterprise level.

4) Security.

Linux provides the harshest environment for viruses to live. Open source software is collaboratively scrutinized by developers from around the world, which means that viruses will be busted well before they make it to your computers.

You do need anti-viruses on a Linux box, at times. These are chiefly meant for scanning Windows drives, or viruses that execute themselves with Wine!

5) Linux encourages you to be tech savvy.

What is more gratifying than knowing the what, where, when, how and why of the software that powers your computer?

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll typically head straight to the nearest Mac genius for help in times of distress. As a Windows user, you’ll probably hesitate to venture beyond the basic troubleshooting methods.

Linux users set a very different example. They try to get to the bottom of every problem themselves (if they ever come), get help from worldwide networks of users if they’re stuck, and ensure that they’ve straightened out issues with their operating systems.

Linux has retained the way the classical Unix operating system works. Most servers today run Unix-like operating systems – if you're technically inclined and get accustomed to using Linux, you're getting to know how operating systems worked in their original design.

Sounds cool?

Choose from an array of distros, and get ready to go the Linux way!

What has been the most compelling reason for you to adopt Linux and stay with it? Are you skeptical about using Linux? Use the comment form below and speak your mind!


Cost of operating your computer.

- Windows normally comes with your computer

The spirit of sharing.

- You can do this with Windows if you stick to open source apps

Vibrant support communities

- Like sevenforums, and other internet communities aren't helpful


- 1% marketshare makes it pointless to create a virus for Linux

Linux encourages you to be tech savvy

- If you use Windows or a Mac you must be an idiot.

By ohboy

@ bleh

Cost of operating your computer.

Windows comes with most computer systems but it does cost money.

The spirit of sharing.

You can use a lot of free software in windows; still, windows you can't share...or can you?

Vibrant support communities

You only have seven forums? ;)
Seriously, linux people are much more enthusiastic and participative , just do a google search.


It's not just about virus and malware.No system is completely safe.I could say more but it would be a very long post...

Linux encourages you to be tech savvy

You can be an idiot and use ubuntu...but you don't have to remain one.

By hitchi

I love when windoze trolls post on Linux pages! If you can't understand the difference between paying out the ass for [bloated, crash-prone, overpriced, proprietary, inferior] software and getting superior software for free, I can't help you. If you don't get that viruses aren't an issue on Linux because of its inherent, SUPERIOR security, I can't help you. If you don't understand that Linux is now the most-used operating system (think Android and its 300,000 PER DAY activations, okay?), again, I can't help you. If you're happy paying...and paying...and paying for a so-called operating system that can't do 1/100th of what Linux can do, great! Stick with it.

On the other hand, if you're interested in seeing what a REAL operating system can do, try Linux. You can download ISO files that allow you to boot from a 'live CD' without installing or altering anything on your hard drive. Take a look at the amazing features Linux offers--and has, for years--that windoze STILL hasn't copied. You'll be surprised at what you're missing.

Please do not mistake me for one of your "Windows Trolls." I have used both Windows and Linux only to find that each has it's own set of strengths and weaknesses. I've found that, at least for me, they kinda balance each other out with no clear winner. Frankly, there are some things that modern versions of Windows just plain do better than any Linux distro. And there are features of Linux which Windows would benefit to adopt.
First I abhor the term "REAL operating system." Windows is a professional grade piece of work, as is any top-notch Linux OS. When it comes to security, therein lies the tradeoff: the more software you run on your OS the more vulnerable said OS is to security threats and malware. Just look at JAVA; often the security holes are not part of the OS per se, but result as a by-product of the interaction between userland programs and the OS itself.
So just because you capitalize the words SUPERIOR and REAL doesn't necessarily make them so. In fact you sound like some shill prattling off lines given to him by handlers. I've heard it all before. Linux, as good as it is, has plenty of bugs and security advisories of it's own. Hell, it's crashed, hanged, and behaved just plain stupidly in front of me my guess as much as Windows 7 has.
By the way, I realize this thread is over a year old now, but you never did mention the features of Linux that Windows hasn't gotten yet. In fact you have made many statements without qualifying them outside of your own OPINIONS. It's people like you that ultimately turn people off Linux. You have a terrible attitude that isn't at all helpful to furthering Linux adoption. Maybe you are the Windoze troll...

By Johann

How about no back doors? How about a completely customized desktop that you set up, once, in about 10 minutes that does exactly what you want? How about portability and strict adherence to permissions? How about programs you can trust?

There's a whole lot more to GNU/Linux than meets the eye.

By machiner

All these reasons are very important. For many of us, MS Windows does not come with the computer, because we buy the parts as we need them and upgrade in pieces, rather than buying an entire computer. Another reason I use Fedora is:

MS Windows forces all users to become criminals, because they have to use software illegally, or else pay (eg., applications needed for word processing, image manipulation, programs required to run new hardware one might buy, etc.). With Fedora, one simply accesses the repositories and downloads whatever one might require.

By pcoq

Hmmm, so if you don't own something and can't afford to buy it then you are FORCED to steal it, eh? The Windows world is full of excellent FREE applications that will do just about any job you like, there's no need to use pirated software unless you are a professional and need something special like Dreamweaver. One good thing about Linux - where essentially everything can be used freely - is that you're not tempted to steal software and justify it to yourself.

By Andy

Funny how the Windows users are touting gratis software on Windows. If you are going to use gratis software anyway, why not go all the way? Why not "free as in beer" and "free as in speech"? Knowing you can't easily infringe on use stipulations is a liberating state of computing.

If there is no impediment (addiction?), like A-title Windows gaming (there are also good titles on Linux, but the supply is sparser) or specialty programs like Maya 3D and Autodesk AutoCAD, Linux is quite capable of handling day to day computing.

Using "but Bill on the corner and my grandma use Windows" is not really a reason to not broaden your horizon beyond what Redmond puts on your harddrive.

By r_a_trip

I disagree with point # 5. For a tech guy its ok that linux forces you to get to the root of issues but that approach is not at all cool for 'normal users'. What is the point in expecting a small shopkeeper to get root of an issue when his OS has problems ? Computers are made to solve / make efficient day to day business needs.
Also another inhibition again from normal user perspective is, when he gets some issue you will get tons of people resources, software for windows in markets to correct the issue / up-gradations. How much of this is available for linux in open market? You can't get expect the normal user to join community, ask questions, download upgrades from internet. In fact that is daunting for them. The point is linux support network in open market is very weak compared to windows.

By Vishal

Linux today is easier to use than ever before.
And if a user is technically inclined, Linux is a great playground.

By Naweed Chougle

Well let me explain a bit on my point. Again as I am saying linux is great for people who are technically oriented but not normal users. And when you talk about deep penetration in OS market then masses will matter and Windows have huge early mover advantage here - just see how FB users are reluctant now to move to Google+. If your whole point is confined to tech community then I agree with your perspective.

By Vishal

Users don't have to be technically inclined, they just need to read and think a little bit.

By Michael Olivera

Generally, I agree with all of this except...

The title. No, don't adopt Linux today. You'll regret rushing in and may have to go back to Windows. Adopt Linux over a couple of weeks! Do a bit of research to make sure you make the right choices for you!

Cost. Yes, it's initially free but please don't sit back and bask in the warmth of that. Give a little back either by donating to a project of your choice in financial terms or by joining the online communities that offer such great support.

Security. Linux (Or any *nix based OS, like OS X etc.) is not a magic bullet against malware. You still have to be a bit smart when it comes to security matters. Probably the most basic advise for a new user on a fresh install is do not try to override built in security measures because it doesn't work like that in Windows! For example, trying to run as root all the time. stuff like that is precisely why Windows is such a malware mess!

Lastly, the point about Linux encouraging you to get stuck in technically. Yes, it does. It doesn't demand it however. Going back to carefully made choices before you launch into using Linux, if you choose a beginner friendly distro like Linux Mint or Mepis then you should find you never need to get technical.

I agree with you, Linuxrich: rushing in to install Linux is not the best approach. When a Windows or Mac user is entering into uncharted territory, it's natural for him to make sure he can do the same kind of things his old computer did.

I too have read that Linux Mint is an excellent beginner friendly distribution; that's probably the reason it earns the top spot on the distrowatch page that's shared in the article.

By Naweed Chougle

I agree with you. Linux may not be for everyone, but the average person can get along just fine with Linux Mint or Mepis. There may be a slight learning curve, but no need to get technical. Just getting used to slight differences. While Linux is very different under the surface, by choosing your distro, (and changing options) the user experienxe can be similar or different as you choose.

My 85 year old mother can play solitaire in Linux just as well as she could in Windows!

By Nonya

My reasons for chosing Linux are similar to some extent

A Linux desktop (like Ubuntu) is often a very good idea for basic use.
Most people would do quite well with it.
Freedom and a system built for security.
Been using it for years, hardly any problems.
Windows would be a nightmare.
Stealing software, no OSS software available at my fingertips.

By Lance

My experience on technical demands has been completely opposite of point 5, sort of. I made the switch 7 years ago out of frustration with the technical demands of keeping Windows XPSP2 limping along. Hardware support, stability, configurability, and even Windows compatibility (with the Win 95/98 compatibility enabled) were taking more time to deal with than I had available. FOSS (Fedora 2) gave me a faster computer on old hardware that worked so reliably that I had more free time for other things.


By mcinsand

I'm sorry if I created the impression that problems do trickle in – I've made some edits. I meant to say that if problems ever happen, Linux users typically love troubleshooting things themselves.

By Naweed Chougle

Try Linux Mint once and you will forget all the advantages of Windows. In fact you never calculate the time/money wasted due to slowness on windows. Every morning I just start my laptop and go for coffee till it boots. Fighting with viruses is not my job and antivirus makes my comp dead slow. I love my data and don't want to loose it. That's why I use what only 1% people are using "LINUX". Happy from last 8 years now. Thank you Linux !!! Those who want to try, give it some 2 weeks and you will love it for sure.

By Ashish

The right information, Thank you. I think it is better to use distributions and then take a real decision before selecting one. Considering the purpose would also help.

Windows still rockss

Windows is often MUCH MORE EFFORT to install and maintain.
Today's Ubuntu is dead simple to run and maintain (update).
All that is required is an independent mind.
Enjoy your freedom on any PC!

By Lance Stuetzle

I get so stressed when I install Windows it's insane.
I did my Last Windows install 6 months ago.
It restarts without warning, and how many times do I have to wait for yet another restart, Hours Later.
All the Free windows programs are to the best of my knowledge made by Linux Users.

I install Ubuntu 20 minutes done !
Update 10 minutes including any apps (aka Programs) I want.
There is a bit of a learning curve with Linux but it is worth it.


I use Ubuntu, is good for me, if you like Microsoft, Mac or whatever others and they work for you, good, enjoy them, if you want to try a Linux distribution is your decision, the most are free and just need to download them for free or buy a magazine where they come (not so free but at least cheap) and try without install. If you like install them.

By ererujiw dfgrge

Free software on Linux often offers greater performance, native feel and general stability. Much prefer Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, LibreOffice on Linux. That said I'm glad for multi-platform.

By Anonymous

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