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Using the Open Source F-Script Anywhere as a Mac OS X alternative to Spy++

Jun 13
Mac OS X alternative to Spy++

This article is about the open source F-Script Anywhere injection service. It also has details on how to use it as an alternative to the Windows Spy++ tool.

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Must-have Free Software for your New Windows 7/8 Machine

Jan 13

This article about free, essential software that you mustn't ignore if you're a developer running a Windows 7 or 8.

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Online Learning Avenues for Students of Computer Science and Programming

Apr 12

In college, there's a lot of spare time on your hands.

There are lots of things you could be doing – like challenging your friends at a network game, or spending hours with your Facebook feed.

But, you could try something that'll be more productive in the long run – like polishing your technical skills to gain the edge over your peers!

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Converting Multiple VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) files into one

Apr 12

VMDK is an open file format for virtual hard disks, developed by VMware. Here's how to convert multiple VMDK files into a single one, in order to achieve better performance.

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TCPMon - A Basic Tutorial

Mar 12
TCPMon Tutorial

Apache TCPMon is a utility to monitor data flowing between a client and server in a TCP connection. TCPMon displays all communication it captures in its GUI interface.

Here's an introductory tutorial on using TCPMon for debugging network communication.

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The Meaning of dot slash for Running an Executable in Linux

Jan 12

This is a short article that describes the meaning of ./ used when executing files in Linux.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Efficiency with Eclipse

Dec 11

This article describes five ways to help the Eclipse IDE's users boost their working efficiency.

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Remotely Working Together on a Terminal Session in Linux

Nov 11

I often get a chance to work from home, and this has given me opportunities to look for ways to share sessions with my colleagues. Windows XP used to have the excellent NetMeeting tool, but I recently switched to Ubuntu and haven’t yet found an equivalent.

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Setting up the DB2 database on Ubuntu and testing JDBC connectivity

Nov 11

I got my DB2 database installation running on a Ubuntu 11.10 machine recently, and have documented the steps I performed to get it up and running in this article.

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Apache failing to read .htaccess file? This fix worked for me!

Nov 11

This tutorial is based on how I managed to fix the problem of failed redirects on a newly set up CodeIgniter site on my local Ubuntu 11.10-based machine.

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