Unlist Your Number from TrueCaller today!

UPDATE July 18, 2013: Approximately 7 months after this article was published, there’s been news that the TrueCaller database has been hacked into by the so-called Syrian Electronic Army. Again, this highlights the need for users to be careful in the choosing the companies with whom they entrust their private data.

TrueCaller is a mobile app and online service that serves as a very large phonebook for reverse phone number lookups. It can be used to augment your own phone’s contact list in your iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, or BlackBerry device, helping you let know the names of unknown callers. You can test to see which of your or your friends’ numbers are available in their database at

How does it work?

TrueCaller claims to source the caller information present in their database partly from public directories, and partly from “crowdsourced” data.

However, when I checked, their data didn’t seem to come from public directories. I began searching for my friends’ landline and mobile numbers and those of my own as well, and noted a few interesting things:

  1. Sometimes somebody else’s name would prop up. This would probably be a previous owner, or the former name of the person in case of a name change.
  2. Sometimes the company name would be suffixed or prefixed to the name.

This definitely seems to be populated from contact lists of users.

TrueCaller seems to stop here – it doesn’t, for example, seem to retrieve or store users’ locations. Also, it doesn’t support searching by name – you can only search by number. However, what TrueCaller does reveal is still bad enough, and has actually made many users unhappy, as you can see in a Quora thread on this subject.

Removing your Number

Luckily, fixing this privacy issue turns out to be easy. Head over to Unlist your Phone Number to request an automatic unlisting of your number. It took a few hours for my numbers to get unlisted, and I heaved a sigh of relief after that.

9 replies on “Unlist Your Number from TrueCaller today!”

It asks to delete my account first and to do so sign in with google/yahoo/facebook. I do not know when truecaller has got my account details and which one. Is there any method to check?
I also wonder if truecaller uses personal phonebook records of my freinds who are using the app, it will not add my number again to its database.
How can we checkup the sameas it doesn’t let you use the search service without registering and once registered you are added to its database; a never ending cycle I think.

Its really sad that with out user confirmation they save the DATA into there database,

There should be a cyber law act to stop them fo doing such phone number access..

there should be some security of the user who is using the number. same problem happened with me. one of my husband’s friend entered my husband’s number under his name and it was shocking.

We are a leading HR Consulting firm and usually our headhunters/recruiters use landline numbers to call prospective candidates which is a common method of communication in our industry. However few candidates who were not interested marked our number as spam. Fortunately our clients informed us that your number is displaying as spam. How could a company like Truecaller doesnt have a spam policy? Without investigation or verification how could bunch of people can turn your number as spam? This is simply ridiculous

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