Web design questions: Here's what to ask before starting out

Feb 14

Web designing projects can range from routine to complex. As a designer, make sure you ask adequate questions to thoroughly understand your client's requirements. This article explains five important questions to put across to your client before starting out.

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Running WhatsApp on your Computer

Sep 13

Have you ever felt the need to install WhatsApp on your PC? Read on to find how you could use BlueStacks to achieve this.

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On Having Software Development Labs in Colleges

Jul 13

This post is about the need for software development labs in colleges to boost innovation and foster a culture of research and learning among staff and students, especially in India. If labs become commonplace, the gap between industry and academics will reduce steadily.

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Using the Open Source F-Script Anywhere as a Mac OS X alternative to Spy++

Jun 13
Mac OS X alternative to Spy++

This article is about the open source F-Script Anywhere injection service. It also has details on how to use it as an alternative to the Windows Spy++ tool.

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WordCamp Pune 2013: 'The best WordCamp so far in India'

Feb 13

This article is based on my thoughts about WordCamp Pune 2013. WordCamps are events that bring together experts and newcomers from the WordPress community.

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Children Found Coding Malicious Software: An Eye Opener?

Feb 13

Children are learning to code, and that's a wonderful phenomenon. But are they learning the rights and wrongs of coding? A report by AVG highlights that children as young as 11 are authoring malicious software.

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Must-have Free Software for your New Windows 7/8 Machine

Jan 13

This article about free, essential software that you mustn't ignore if you're a developer running a Windows 7 or 8.

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The Trouble with Foxconn: A Timeline

Jan 13
Foxconn Logo

For several years now, Foxconn has represented the dark world of abuse that helps produce some of the world's most stylish gadgets. Recent changes and pressure from activists, most notably the Fair Labor Association, have resulted in improvement in conditions.

Is change for the better all set to replace the previously bleak scene?

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Unlist Your Number from TrueCaller today!

Dec 12

TrueCaller may reveal information about you without your knowledge, and that can spell trouble.

Read on to know how you can safeguard your privacy.

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What I liked in the Windows Phone 7.5-based Nokia Lumia 800, and what I didn’t

Oct 12
Exploring Pune through Nokia City Lens, using a Lumia 800

This is a review of one of Nokia's key smartphones, the Lumia 800, with a particular focus on the Nokia City Lens app.

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